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Hardware and Software


Numerous business relationships allow us to meet our customers' expectations about the timing of supply and diversity of equipment.

We advise on the selection and supply:
  • server room comprehensive equipment
  • desktops
  • notebooks, netbooks
  • network equipment
  • telephone exchanges
  • VoIP phones and analog phones
  • printers
  • parts and computer components


We help you select and install:
  • Operating Systems
  • office software packages
  • antivirus software
  • accounting software

Software on demand

We create specialized intranet applications meeting the specific needs of our customers. From simple supporting your business applications to large systems with multiple users. We aim to make our applications to follow the principles of WebUsability, were easy to use and intuitive. We believe that the application running in a web browser, so in an environment familiar to most employees, allows on easier implementation and training of future users. All this, plus the OpenSource technology used by us reduce the costs associated with the process of building applications.

If you think you need an application that will assist the management, control or simply to facilitate the operation of your business, please contact us. We will perform analysis and propose solutions.